Kai Zhong

Kai Zhong the Martial Healer


Name: Kai Zhong
Campaign: Newport
Race: Terran
130 Power Points
Power Level 8
Motivation: Responsibility
Goal: Make Newport City safe
Complications: Honor

+2 STR
+4 DEX
+4 CON
+2 INT
+3 WIS
+1 CHA

+4 Fort
+4 Ref
+3 Will
+4 Tough

Defense: +8  (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -2
Initiative: +20/+28
+6 BAB
+8 Melee
+10 Grapple
+6 Ranged
Blast 8, +6 (DC 23)
Strike 6, +8 (DC 23, crit 19-20)
Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 17)

Acrobatics 8 (+12)
Climb 5 (+7)
Intimidate 4 (+5)
Investigate 5 (+7)
Knowledge (arcane Lore) 1 (+3)
Knowledge (life sciences) 8 (+10)
Knowledge (tactics) 6 (+8)
Medicine 9 (+12)
Notice 7 (+10)
Sense Motive 5 (+8)
Stealth 6 (+10)
Survival 5 (+8)
Swim 3 (+5)

Accurate Attack
Attack Focus (melee) 2
Defensive Attack
Improved Block
Improved Critical (Swords, 19-20)*
Improved Disarm
Improved Initiative 2
Improved Initiative 4*
Power Attack
Quick Draw 2
Throwing Mastery 3
* Enhanced By Powers

Enchanted Katana, Device 10, Easy to lose, Only you can use, 50pp pool - 32pp
   Blast 8 (DC 23)
   Mind Shield 8 (Impervious +8 to Will saves vs. Mental effects)
   Strike 6 (DC 23, Feats: Improved Critical (Strike 6); Precise, Mighty)
   Super-Senses 4 (Danger Sense: Mental, Darkvision, Ultravision)
   Super-Speed 2 (Adds: Quickness 2, Speed 2, Feats: Improved Initiative 4)
      Quickness 2 (Perform routine tasks at 5x speed)
      Speed 2 (Speed: 25 mph, 220 ft./rnd)
   Teleport 4, 400 ft. as move action, 1 mile as full action, Limited to sword only.
Regeneration 8 - 8pp
   Ability Damage 1 (Recover 1 / 5 hours)
   Recovery Bonus 1 (+1 to recover)
   Recovery Rate (Bruised) 1 (recover 1 / round)
   Recovery Rate (Disabled) 1 (recover 1 / 5 hours)
   Recovery Rate (Injured) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins)
   Recovery Rate (Staggered) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins)
   Recovery Rate (Unconscious) 1 (recover 1 / round)
   Resurrection 1 (1 week)

32pp Abilities
0pp Saves
28pp Combat
18pp Skills (72 ranks)
15pp Feats
40pp Powers
-3pp Drawbacks
130pp Total

Kai Zhong was a respected if relatively young apothecary, herbalist and healer in Newport. He learned his healing arts from his father, a well known healer and herbalist. His mother’s family was known for their skill in the martial arts and she trained him to fight with a sword from a young age. Martial arts and healing while seemingly very much opposites truly complimented each other. Knowledge of one lends to the other in many ways. For Kai Zhong, it was also about balance. To know how to heal, he learned how to harm. To learn how to harm, he learned how to heal. In many respects it was a true representation of yin and yang.

When the Great Change happened, Kai was affected in a way that was ironic to him. He was suddenly able to recover from wounds without any healing arts – his body would just regenerate. Unfortunately the Great Change brought much turmoil to the lives of the citizens of Newport City. His parents were killed in a mysterious attack that left him lethally wounded. Lethal except for the healing ability he now possesses.

Swearing to protect the city and if possible avenge his parents, Kai went to a secret room in his parent’s home. In it was a sword that possessed great power. Unfortunately, the sword required a sacrifice in order to be possessed. He meditated on what to do and had a vision of himself performing a complicated sword kata. He picked up the sword and proceeded to perform that kata over and over for the next two hours. As he performed it his actions became smoother and smoother and he moved faster each time. Toward the end he realized his movements were much faster than anything human – it was the power of the sword at work. The thought broke his concentration and he slipped and somehow the sword sliced down his face and cut his left eye out.

The pain was more awful than even the killing wound that he had suffered before. Due to the magic nature of the blade and it’s price for him to master it, his eye did not heal like it normally would have. They wound did heal over time with his usual medical arts, but the eye was gone for good and the scar would never fade. He now wears a patch over that eye.

The sword provides Kai Zhong with a formidable weapon for protecting Newport City. Kai has a strong sense of honor. It does not always make life easier to follow the path of honor, but it allows him to sleep at night.

You will have had some experience dealing with a dark sinister organization that has been working on behalf of a religious cult that had up till now been dormant and hidden. They too have similar martial arts practices of your family, having the key players in their collective being specialized samurai who led groups of lesser ninjas and assassins as pawns that are part of a larger picture. These people are the very people who attacked and killed your family and mortally wounding you.

Kai Zhong

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