Racial Template: Ugandi [6 Power Points]

  • +1 Intelligence and Presence
  • Ritualist
  • Skill Mastery (Any)

The Ugandi are rumored to be the most ancient of the Ugandi Races, being the first created by the Creatoa, who’s ancestors where elegant and forceful Elementals. After the Creatoan Laws of Creation where established, the Ugandi where then forced into the physical forms that many are familiar with today.

Even though the laws where established, the Ugandi did whatever they could to get back in touch with their elemental selves, or at the very least, establish a connection with the elements they were once attuned to. Thanks to this, the Ugandi have discovered many means of using rituals and study in order to manipulate the elements, and in some cases, force their will naturally on the elements they are closest to.

Many Ugandi specialize in one to two complimentary elements, and to some rare instances a third lesser element. These elements include Air, Earth, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Metal, Water, Wood, and the believed Governing element of Light. A Ugandi’s favored element is dependent on their family and relationships


The Ugandi are a large collection of skilled Elitists. Many Ugandi do what they can to specialize in a single skill, often times Magic, in order to create elemental spells to make life easier for the rest of the populace.

Their natural knack for magic and skill specialization has made them some of the best tradesman known in all of Valanas. Additionally, Ugandi are probably the most wealthy of the bloodlines, in the fact that they have the richest source of unstable mithril on the continent of Cratora.

These, combined with the fact that the Ugandi are the oldest of the races have lead them to believe that they are the most elite race among all the bloodlines. Considering the magical potential of mithril, the Ugandi mages are something to be respected, if not feared.

Unfortunately, due to the unstable nature of mithril, Ugandi often hire or force other races in order to mine it and transport it to where other Ugandi may forge the material into something more manageable. Those chosen often are people who are seeking to perfect the art of harvesting the material, or prisoners of war who have little else to lose.


At the Beginning of the Golden Age, the first powerful Elemental Mages came into the picture. These mages knew a number of spells, though they were not as potent as one would expect. Though through the use of unstable mithril, these mages were capable of abilities not know since before the establishment of the Laws of Creation.

They often fought barbarian Nitol who were believed to be trying to invade the nation, when in fact a small number of Ugandi where using the Nitol as slaves, and they were simply trying to rescue their comrades.

Before the beginning of Nightfall, many of these Mages vanished and went into hiding as many of the Ugandi began to fear their abilities. Many of these mages came back into the picture during Nightfall, when agents of Serpentis began to corrupt some of the greedier and desperate Ugandi. By this point, these mages were able to forge their unstable mithril into magical focuses that amplified their power and allowed for a wider range of spells.

During Eventide, The Ugandi began to blend in with the Terrans, resulting in the first collective of Teragandi. Additionally, the Ugandi repaired their relationship with the Nitol, and began relations with the Moleki. This didn’t come without struggles, as many new drugs, racial tension, and conflict came into the mix.

The Martial Age brought about some of the most troubled times of the Ugandi, when each of the different families began to turn on each other as they fought to reconstruct their homeland. With the blending of the other races, a new age of technology and martial arts came into focus, many of which were accented by powerful magics and mutant abilities.

The founding of the Mithril Court marked the beginning of the Mithril Age and the beginning of an age of great wonder and artistic advancement for the Ugandi. The Ugandi were able to band under a common banner and the relationships to many of the races began to mend. More and more mutants began to appear among the populace, and magic began to bleed into the common populace, allowing for more accessible rituals.

From the Cosmic Age onword, the Ugandi and Terran race embraced each other and established a space program that allowed them to reach into the stars. This brought with it some of the most advanced technology of it’s age, and some of the most diverse cultures as both Teragandi, Terrans, and Ugandi alike flew among the stars as they hunted down the remains of the Nightspawn across all of the Valanas Cosmos.

Character Concepts

  • [Magic] You are a student of your families elemental art, and are capable of manifesting a wide range of spells that manipulate the elements, and having the potential of turning your very body into the element of your choice.
  • [Magic or Divine] You were granted power by one of the Eternal Guardians of the Heavenly Elements in the hopes that you would use your granted powers for the good of the Ugandi People.
  • [Mutation] Your study of magic resulted in being exposed to unstable mithril, resulting in the uncontrollable manifestation of powers.
  • [Magic] You are one of the very select few who have the knowledge of a single Power Word and matching lesser runes, a cosmically powerful spell capable of both great destruction and unmatched potency which can be augmented through the use of magically spoken sentences.
  • [Training] You were raised in one of the family monasteries where you were taught how to combine martial arts with subtle elemental mastery, resulting in spectacular and powerful feats of skill and combat prowess.


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