The Cardinals


The Cardinal Magi consists of 4 magically gifted Ugandi, lead by the mastermind Quil. The Cardinal Magi present themselves in black, gold, and silver armor and specialized masks that hide their true identities. They operate as a religious cult of Ugandi bent on “gifting” the local populace with power from the Cardinal themselves, and for seeing Quil as the Savior of their people as he claims to be.

The Cardinal Magi are generally peaceful, though when force is used the group is not affraid to utilize their abilities to neutralize the threat. In situations where they feel they are outgunned or outnumbered, they are not afraid to utilize planned distractions and make an attempt to escape.

The leaders of the Cardinal Magi Include:

  • Brock, a skilled martial artist capable of withstanding powerful assaults.
  • Siren, a manipulator of sounds and sonic effects capable of confusing and stunning opponents.
  • Kindle, a strong and steadfast swordsman, blessed with fire like abilities.
  • Sin, the Cardinal’s resident assassin and personal guard.
  • Quil, leader of the Cardinal Magi, gifted with otherworldly presence and strength.

Given their cultist nature, there are many Ugandi who have given into their ways that operate as mindless minions for the cult, each of them capable of both martial and magical skill.

The Cardinals

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