Racial Template: Terran [4 Power Points]

  • +1 Intelligence
  • Empathy – Mind Reading 4 (Feedback, Limited to Emotions)

The Terrans are by far some of the most adaptable, varied, and widely skilled of all the humanoids in Cratora. They are known for their sensitivity to other’s emotions, and the fact that they tend to be very driven and emotional themselves. Additionally, Terrans are strangely very sensitive to magic in all its forms, resulting in a high frequency of mutants and mutates among the Terran populace.

Additionally, Terran’s are likely one of the most inventive of the bunch, where their pursuit of enhancing magic with technology has lead to a large number of advancements over the course of Valanas history.


Terran history is filled with a large number of expansion attempts punctuated by war, with not only themselves but those of other races and bloodlines. Due to their emotional natures, Terrans tended to be difficult to work with diplomatically, and gave them a bit of a bad reputation. Even so, many knew that no two Terrans are alike, making it hard to judge the race as a whole.

By the Golden Age, Terrans had settled down in what is now known as the Sun Empire. It was here that the terrans established a feudal based dictatorship, where the King looked over and managed the military of their people. This lead to the rise of a number of warlords who were not satisfied with the dictatorship, or simply wanted the power for themselves.

Once Nightfall came about, agents of the Serpentis gave a select few of these warlords a collection of rings that gave them immense power over their kin. These rings eventually led to the corruption of many, and started the first World War. The resulting fall of night triggered the powers of many of the mutants of that time, pitting mutant heroes against corrupted ring bearers.

By the time of Eventide and the Martial Age, many of the Terran city-states were left in ruin, and were forced to rebuild. Remnants of Nightfall still plagued the land, causing any number of mutations to occur over this timeframe, making powers more and more common, but at the cost of the stability of the Terran Nation.

By the time of the Mithril Age, Terrans had established technology advanced enough to allow non-magically gifted terrans the ability to stand toe to toe with those who were so gifted by means of Mecha, though such technology has probably had a number of apperances all through Valanas history, though prior to this point it was seen as impossible or insane.

Additionally, mutants and mutates were fairly common among the populace, and many were conscripted to work on behalf of the Sun Empire in order to help maintain order. Though, as always, not all those with the power to govern used it for good, making it difficult to truly know who’s side any Terran was on.

Character Concepts

  • [Super-Science] You discover a piece of magical technology that could potentially power the lives of many, but the military wishes to use it for destructive ends. You instead use the technology to help fight crime and defend those you sought to help from the beginning.
  • [Mutation] Your a teenager who manifests your abilities during a very stressful moment, resulting in saving your life and revealing a hint of your hidden potential.
  • [Mutation] You were contracted by the government or were passing by a building when there was an immense explosion, leaking deadly magical energy into the surrounding area. Somehow you and a few others survive and now have strange powers. Some decide to use it for good, some for evil, all while the government tries to capture you for research.
  • [Training] You are trained in the lethal arts of assassination by one of the controlling warlords, though not by choice. Once mastered, you now fight to overthrow the Warlord, and fight for your own causes.


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