Racial Template: Teragandi [6 Power Points]

  • +1 Intelligence and Presence
  • Luck 1
  • Beginner’s Luck

Teragandi are the result of what happens when a Ugandi and a Terran have offspring and are likely the youngest race in all of Valanas. As a result, the Teragandi have the potential for great things, and they are only just beginning to see their own potential. The Teragandi are best known for their latent psionic abilities, a result of the combined mental ability of the Ugandi and the Terran’s adaptive nature.

It is not quite known exactly why, though the Teragandi are a very serendipitous bunch and are capable of picking up new skills with relative ease. With their psionic and skilled potential, many of the other races look upon the Teragandi with both admiration and fear. As such, it isn’t too rare for Teragandi to be found as workers or in extreme cases, slaves.

Teragandi don’t let this get to them, as more times than not they are manipulating their masters in some way, and facing adversity with determination. Being a kin to both but an alien just the same, the Teragandi are finding they have to make a place for themselves among Valanas, and they are always eager to prove that they are capable of anything!


Teragandi are seen in disgust, envy, or jealousy by the other races, mostly due to their subtle psionic potential. Their Relationship with the Moleki, on the other hand, is a unique one. Due to the fact that the Moleki can commune with spirits, they tend to be capable of resisting or even detecting a Teragandi’s psionic abilities, allowing the two to better understand each other. Add in the fact that the Teragandi are a young race, and the Moleki are a new arrival to Valanas, the two find each other equally interesting and do their best to work with each other.

In all other regards, Teragandi tend to be very accepting of the other races, regardless of how the other races may feel about them. They tend to distrust those who would enslave them, though given their unique background they do their best to stick together, living among the other races doing their best to blend in.

Character Concepts

  • [Mutation] You were the target of a Terran military experiment, resulting in a crippling disability of some sort, but in the process gaining powerful psionic abilities.
  • [Psionic] You are raised to believe that you are a true-blood Terran or Ugandi teen who’s powers suddenly manifest uncontrollably, resulting in a number of complexities and a new understanding of who you really are.
  • [Psionic] You are a powerful telepath who investigates Teragandi mysteries and other psionic phenomenon in the hopes of protecting his people and keeping the use of psionics from getting out of control.
  • [Training] In the hopes of protecting you, your family sent you off to one of the hidden monasteries in the hopes of protecting you from enslavement. It is here that you learned of your psionic abilities and your monastery’s martial art.


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