Racial Template: Serpentis [20 Power Points]

  • +2 and Agility and Fighting
  • Growth 2, Innate and Permanent
  • Senses – Acute, Accurate, Analytical, and Tracking Smell
  • Immortality 2 (1 Week)
  • Immunity – Aging
  • Movement – Slithering

The Serpentis, once a race of tall humanoids, were among the first who were invaded by the Nightspawn, and also one of the first races to have been punished for their greed during the establishment of the Laws of Creation. As punishment, they have been cursed with the form of half snakes, and cursed with immortality and the inability to produce offspring.

This curse has made many of the Serpentis very bitter, where as others see it as a means of having forever to let their calculated plans to come into reality. Despite their inherent bitter and selfish behavior, there have been know to be a select few who wish to fight on behalf of good, choosing a life of alienation and judgement.

Serpentis are known to be very calculative, and have a natural affinity for psionic abilities and time control, capable of stopping time or peering into the past or future with relative ease. Other times they are deadly warriors, capable of great strength, finesse, and skill.

Character Concepts

  • [Divine or Magic] Having an endless number of lifetimes to think of past deeds, you seek solitude among the Jungles when a Natural spirit grants you unique abilities to help give you a second chance at a new life.
  • [Magic] You have been studying magic for as long as you can remember, and the curse has only helped you in this fact. Though when you stumble upon some lost knowledge, dark forces threaten to use it for evil, and you instead choose not to repeat past choices and use the knowledge for good.
  • [Magic, Psionic, or Super-Science] You are a master psionic from the future, and have been sent back in time to correct atrocities that could result in a dark future.
  • [Training] The curse placed upon you has made you greatly regret the choices made by your race in times past, and have spent the remaining rest of your life seeking out and collecting a combination of martial arts in the hopes of finding self enlightment.


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