Power Origins

How Magic Works

Despite the overall magical element of Valanas, origins can be very different from one another. The Magic of Valanas simply acts as the Cosmic element that exists within everything. The Laws of Creation keep this from being the single element that everyone has.

In order to access the hidden potential, each sentience must have an origin that defines how their magical potential manifests and operates. Each racial template includes typical origins and specializations. Refer back to the Main Page for links to each of these.

Typical Origins


In the world of Valanas, there exists a large collection of beings that have been lost, forgotten, or who choose to remain hidden. These other races are the previous creations of the Creatoa who have had vastly Different experiences than those who are native to Valanas. As such these creatures are not always bound by the Laws of Creation and can have any number of abilities.

The most notable example of the Alien origin are the Moleki, who are still very much tied to the spiritual realm from which they came. They tend to have abilities far outside the norm of the other bloodlines, having access to abilities that allow them to defend the world they live on in unique ways.


The cosmos of Valanas is still very young, and as such there tends to be very few Godly entities. Despite this fact, there are still those who’s actions have inspired a large amount of faith among those of Valanas, forever installing them in the famed Hall of Valor. These creatures are seen in the same light as Gods, and it is this faith that gives them the power to do great things. In some cases, these Heroes gain enough power to be able to bestow a fraction of this power to those faithful to them.

The Most notable of these are the champions of the Nitol, heroes who have proven themselves time and time again to defend their druidic culture. Additionally, it is very common for heavenly elements such as the Elemental Dragon Guardians of the Ugandi to walk among the lands of mortals in the hopes of upholding peace, or Moleki who fight in the name of a powerful spirit to defend the cosmos against the likes of the Nightspawn.


Magic is most notably the most common origin for the Ugandi, who study the art of magic almost to a religious degree. Such characters can exists as creations of magic, mages who study the art of magic itself and unlock its potential through use of forgotten Power Words, or are a magical creature who’s magical abilities have not been fully suppressed by the Laws of Creation.

Mutation (Mutant/Mutate)

Mutations are likely the second most common origin in Valanas. From the moments of Nightfall to the rise of the Mithril Age, mutations become more and more common as the magic that was restricted by the Laws of Creation become blended in with the each of the other races, or those who have already manifested powers end of having children, who then have a higher chance of obtaining powers.

Most notably though, any prolonged exposure to Nightspawn, exposure higher levels of unstable Mithril, or any number of drugs corrupted by the Nightspawn Taint have been known to trigger mutated abilities. In most cases, exposure to these elements can produce exaggerated and unstable abilities that can greatly challenge such a character.


Psionics exists as one of the most mysterious, rare, and feared of the power groups, if only for the fact that the majority of the time the effects are subtle and hard to detect. Such characters often are Teragandi or to a smaller extent Serpentis, though other races have been known to manifest such abilities.


Possibly the second most common origin of the Terran race, super-science can unlock the hidden magical potential of any creature by using science and technology to achieve their ends. More times than not, the very laws that govern magic tends to govern the general populace as well.

Creations of super-science that break the norms of the culture itself are often seen as impossible, and more times than not ignored or feared, though there have been those who turn this into an opportunity to prove themselves worthy and use their own discoveries for good.


The most common form of Origin, martial arts are most easily accessible to all the bloodlines. Training can mimic the Magic origin to a small degree, where instead of potent spells a character with this origin has master a large collection of advantages, tricks, and/or features to compliment a specialized or varied collection of martial arts or weapon masteries.

Power Origins

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