Racial Template: Nitol [10 Power Points]

  • +1 to Agility, Presence, and Stamina
  • Animal Empathy
  • Improved Initiative 1
  • Regeneration 2

The Nitol are one of the most spiritual races native to Valanas. Where the Moleki nurture the sentience of objects around them, the Nitol seek out wisdom and glory through the worship of their heavenly elements: the Ocean, Nature, and most importantly the Moon.


Before the Creatoa established the Laws of Creation, the Nightspawn ran rampant across the landscape of Valanas. The Nitol were among the first of their victims, and despite their pleas for help, the Creatoa did not involve themselves until after the Nightspawn had left their mark.

When the Nitol realized this, they had to rely on themselves and the faith that they had in each other. Using this faith, they used the light from the Moon in order to see the Nightspawn as they atempted to invaded Nitol lands. This gave them the advantage that they needed in order to fend off the nightspawn, and as the Nitol gained more faith in the power of moonlight, the easier it was to fend off the Nightspawn.

It didn’t take much longer for the Nightspawn to invade the other races among the planet, forcing some to leave their homes entirely, where others tried

Character Concepts

  • [Divine] You are one of the immortal Nitol Champions who now fights in the Nitol lands in order to fight the Nightspawn and the corrupt Serpentis, using a combination of heavenly powers granted by the Moon, the Sea, the Animal Kingdom, and the faith of your people.
  • [Divine] You are one of the Moonborn, an offspring of the Lunar Queen blessed by the moon, ocean, and/or the animal kingdom. You only have a portion of the queen’s power, and must struggle with the growing responsibility of guiding an entire nation.
  • [Magic] You have mastered the druidic arts of the Animal Kingdom, capable of summoning Moonblessed animals or even taking on animal abilities yourself and acting as the Animal Kingdom’s Champion.
  • [Mutation] You were exposed to the Nightspawn corruption in your youth, granting you powerful and alien abilities compared to those seen as Champions. You now seek to understand your powers, and to use them for good in the hopes that your people will once again accept you, and regain the blessing of the Lunar Queen.
  • [Training] You are trained as one of the deadly warriors of your family when you learn of an evil plot. Utilizing your skills of stealth, adaptability, and ferocity, you fight to purge your family of evil, and gain glory in the eyes of the Moon.


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