Racial Tempalte: Nightspawn [65 Power Points]

  • +2 Stamina
  • Diehard
  • Concealment – All Visual Senses, Blending
  • Flight 3
  • Immunity 10 – Life Support
  • Insubstantial 4 – Incorporeal, Innate, Permanent
  • Sense – Detect (Mental) 2, Radius
  • Communication (Mental), Radius
  • Mind Reading 4

Nightspawn are living spirits, their bodies forced into the ethereal plane as punishment for attempting to take over Valanas using powers, right before the Laws of Creation were established.

Nightspawn are also some of the very few creatures that can potentially have the knowledge of the cosmic power words, words that when spoken create devastating effects that can change the very fabric of the cosmos. Speaking these words is very draining for a Nightspawn, though typically a Nightspawn has a smaller collection of lesser power words that they can speak.

Though due to their selfish nature, Nightspawn tend to keep these secrets among themselves, leaving their lessers in contempt. In some instances, these lesser Nightspawn try to undermine their superiors by using their spiritual power to grant any of the lesser races the power and knowledge needed to overthrow their masters.

Character Concepts

  • [Magic] You are one of the few Nightspawn who wish to break free of the curse placed on your people, and instead work to selflessly protect the other races and the Laws of Creation. You use your knowledge of the ancient words to give you the ability to influence the physical realm.
  • [Magic] You are one of the various bloodlines of Valanas who have willingly merged with a friendly Nightspawn spirit, gaining dual minds and unimaginable power in the hopes of defeating the Nightspawn Invasion.
  • [Divine] One of the Heavenly elements of the other races has granted you a physical body and a second chance at life. Why they have chosen you is a mystery, and your new body granting you new powers and abilities that are both a blessing and a curse.
  • [Training] Although limited to a spiritual form, you have studied the various ancient texts of your people, and hunt out the most corrupt of your spiritual brethren. By doing so you discover new secrets, each secret bringing you closer to personal enlightenment.


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