Racial Template: Moleki [15 Power Points]

  • Racial Memory (Senses: Postcognition)
  • Growth 1 (+1 Strength and Stamina, -1 Stealth, Permanent)
  • +2 Awareness
  • Dual Minded (Second Chance: Mind Control)
  • Immortality 2 (Return after 1 Week, Reincarnation)

The Moleki are an alien race of spirit mediums who have traveled to Valanas after their homeworld Spectroul was destroyed. Now the Moleki strive to hunt down every remnant of the Nightspawn and make both Valanas and the entire cosmos safe from evil.

Within each Moleki resides the ability to bond with a single sentience, regardless of how strong that sentience is. This can range from a bonded weapon or object, to as complex as a god-like spirit. Once bonded, the Moleki has the ability to enhance the sentience in some fashion, and as a result, the bonded sentience has the potential to grant boons to the Moleki in return.

Character Concepts

  • [Divine] Upon your awakening you bond with one of the Progenitors. This Progenitors wishes to learn more about one of the various races, to either protect them or to prevent them from performing evil acts, and grants you powers in order to aid in these efforts.
  • [Magic] You bond with a very young sprite, one that was always getting in trouble. Now you strive to nurture the sprite into a powerful and mature spirit, but struggle with the sprites troublesome nature and all the accidents that may come of it’s behavior.
  • [Magic] You bond with a weapon or set of armor, awakening hidden powers within you and your gear. As you discover the new abilities of your gear, you find that others wish to take the power for themselves or use them for selfish purposes.
  • [Training] You were one of the select few who practice self awareness, using your bond to nurture your own natural abilities. Training in the martial arts, you use your abilities for good, defeating foes in the hopes of perfecting your body, mind, and spirit.


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