Mithril is a unique crystalline metal in Valanas that has potent magical qualities. Most importantly of which is the fact that it seems to grow over time, though nobody knows what is allowing it to grow. Some belive that it grows by soaking in the ambient magical energy in the area around it, or that it is connected to one of the Elemental Gates.

Neither of the theories have been tested over the years, though what is known is that the Mithril contains a very potent, and often times lethally unstable, amounts of magical energy. Those who are in possession of any amount of mithril find that they have the ability to bend the Laws of Creation in ways that tend to differ depending on who wields the crystalline substance.

In reality, the ability to bend the Laws of Creation is a product of invoking the power of the Kangia sentience that resides in pure veins of Mithril.


In its most natural form, the crystal tends to bleed high concentrations of magical energy which can be lethal to most who stay close to it for any prolonged period of time. Due to this fact, only those forced into mining this substance or those desperate for its power have been known to try and harvest it.

To harvest the crystal, a person needs to remove a shard of mithril from it’s source without creating a potentially lethal explosion of the reserved energy inside the mithril vein. Doing so takes a great amount of skill and patience, and once harvested, can grant a significant level of influence on the Laws of Creation.

Despite the metal like qualities, mithril is very rarely dense and is very lightweight. This makes it relatively easy to transport, and also to handle once harvested.


Mithril can be forged into various objects just like any other metal. It tends to be exceptionally responsive to electricity, which can often times accelerate the forging process, and also acts to recharge the item. In this regard, mithril acts as a battery of magical energy that can be recharged over time, or recharged instantly with the use of electrical power.

Though considering how difficult it is to create electricity, it is often times only done during storms, or when a mithril battery is built into a large building that is built specifically for harnessing lightning from a potentially stormy area.

The most common form of forging for mithril is in the use of power rings, which first came into full swing during the Golden Age, when people started to discover and harvest Mithril found in Ugandia where it was most prominent.

During the first years of Nightfall, a select few of the Serpentis had discovered their own reserves of Mithril and used their own dark magics in order to forge rings that brought about the fall of many of the lesser races, and eventually giving power to the Serpentis as they gathered their resources to bring back their former masters, the Nightspawn.

Mithril as an Element

Mithril has been known to act as an origin to those who survive prolonged exposure to Mithril’s lethal aura. Those who are so corrupted and are capable of surviving often times will have very potent abilities, ranging from strong fortitude and stamina to explosive elemental blasts.

In some rare instances, there has been known to be those who can take on the form of elemental bodies composed completely of Mithril. Such creatures tend to have a wide array of immunity and resistances, metal or liquid like traits, the ability to absorb high levels of electricity, and the ability to shape their body into lethal weaponry, and can channel some of their own inner magical potential into explosive bursts of energy.


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