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World History

The world of Valanas is divided up into ages similar to existing comics, listed below:

  • Golden Age: The rise of the first magical powers after the establishment of the laws, mimicking the Golden Age of regular comics.
  • Nightfall: An alien force attempts the first invasion of Valanas, bringing about the first major world war since the establishment of the Laws of Creation.
  • Eventide: The devastation of the world after Nightfall left a large number corrupt, and the Alien influences leaving scars across the world. The bloodlines begin to mix, and the social clashes begin. So begins the Bronze age of Valanas.
  • Martial Age: Technology advances significantly as the Ugandi and Terrans combine their magical and technological know-how, bringing about deadly weapons and a diversification of martial arts.
  • Mithril Age: Mutations begin to manifest among a larger number of the populace and older heroes begin to pass on their legacy to new heroes, while darker forces threaten to master the last few elements of the Creatoan Power Runes.
  • Cosmic Age: The age of Mecha and large scale wars. Magic has developed to the point where it mimics advanced technology, and Wars are waged between planets using cosmic powers and/or advanced Mecha!

Races and Bloodlines

The standard bloodlines and racial templates of Valanas are listed below:

  • An alien race, the Moleki crash-landed on Valanas during the time of Nightfall and were instrumental in defending against the Nightspawn. the Moleki are masters of spirit, capable of bonding with any number of objects, spirits, or gods and are known for their reincarnation.
  • The Nitol are druidic humanoids who tattoo their skin every time they acquire an achievement, and have a very strong religious bond with the ocean, land, and the moon. The Nitol are possibly the most self reliant and warlike of the bloodlines.
  • The Teragandi are a product of cross-breeding between the Ugandi and Terrans, the Teragandi are known to be very charsimatic and daredevilish. Combine this with their inherent psionic abilities and Teragandi are seen as some of the most admired and feared of the bloodlines.
  • The Terrans are empathic, emotional, and one of the most adaptable of the bloodlines. Their powers are often products of genetics, having the highest ration of mutants and mutates of all the bloodlines.
  • The Ugandi are among the most talented and specialized artisans of all the bloodlines, having existed as elementals before the creation of the Laws of Creation. They strive in their every day life to master their art. Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Light act as their central colleges of magical study.
  • Living Constructs come into existance later in the Valanas timeline, where the research of magic or the blessing of a higher power allows for the creation of sentience in an object or material. Such living entities tend to have a single purpose that drives them, for better or worse.
  • Nightspawn are among the most influencial villainous groups of Valanas, Alien incorporeal cosmic beings who wield great power. There have been known to be some who actually work to turn the tide of battle, and work on the side of good.
  • Serpentis are a collective of snake-like humanoids who were once allies of the Nightspawn during their rise in power. Now they are far and few between, and are struggling to regain a piece of the power that they have lost.
  • Lesser Races include some of the more alien and godly possibilities of Valanas, though they are very rare and are considered the exception than the rule for most games.

Player Creation Information

Although the Power Level of Valanas is wide and varied, the world consists of mostly 16pp per Power Level to allow for the purchase of racial templates (see the associated bloodlines above for more details on this). Additionally, all creatures of Valanas have rich stories and personalities behind them, and the increase in power point totals reflects this, making for more flavorful characters.

When creating characters, keep in mind the racial templates listed above, and the Power Origins to help flesh out your character. Pre-Generated character and Existing Hero/Villain sheets will be provided in the Character section to help with inspiration.

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