Living Constructs


Racial Template: Living Construct [30 Power Points]

  • Nonexistent Stamina
  • Immunity to Fortitude Effects
  • Impervious Protection 4
  • Regeneration 2

Living constructs have shown up all over the ages of Valanas. Although they may share the same traits with one another, they tend to vary widely as to how they work, think, and act. For example, a Ugandi magical living construct will more times than not have very lifelike features with a very artistic touch to them and behave in a very curious fashion. Though the Terran technological origin are very methodical and calculative in nature.

The substance of a living construct can vary widely, ranging from a flaming elemental, to a ghostly spirit who has found a means of manipulating the physical realm, and then to a golem like construct built for a single purpose.

Due to their unique nature, Living Constructs tend to have a very specialized purpose that is reflected from their creation.

Character Concepts

  • [Divine] You fought to defend your people and died at the hands of your enemy. The divine have granted you a second chance in the form of a living construct so that you may fight on.
  • [Magic or Super-Science] Built with deadly assassin-like abilities, you are forced to fight for your master when you gain a level of self-sentience, making you question your master’s motives.
  • [Magic or Divine] Your mastery of magic or faith has allowed you the ability to live on as an immortal undead. With this new undeath comes new powers and abilities.
  • [Magic or Super-Science] You were built by a mysterious benefactor who disappeared shortly after your awakening. Now you seek answers to not only to your creator but also to the extent of your own abilities.


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