Laws of Creation


The Laws of Creation are a set of limits set in place by powerful cosmic spells cast by the Creatoa. These limits where intended to make it so that no other sentient creature in Valanas would have the ability to have the power that the Nightspawn and their creator once held over the cosmos.

Creatology is the study of these laws, and to an extent, the application of these laws in the use of technology. This study functions like the study of physics in modern society. For those who practice Magic one would need to specialize in Thaumatology or simply the Study of Magic, which has more to do with the study of how to break the laws, rather than the study of the laws themselves.

Magical Sentience

It isn’t quite fully understood, many Creatologists believe that even though the Creatoa intended for laws to be set in stone that the magical energy that exists in all things of Valanas has a sentience of it’s own. This sentience isn’t fully understood, but it can often be seen influencing the growth of mithril and how some materials on Valanas have the ability to form Elementals.

Not to mention, creatologists over the many ages of Valanas have discovered that this sentience is the soul deciding factor on who has the ability to break the Laws of Creation, and to a certain extent, why it is that by the time of the Mithril Age and onward how those so capable of breaking the laws almost matched the number of people who could not.

Laws of Creation

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