The Kangia

With the advent of the Laws of Creation, many of the sentient beings fabricated by the Creatoa were forced into various physical forms that hindered them to a significant degree. Some of these limitations were more significant than others.

One of the beings of pure thought, known only to themselves as the Kangia, were forced to exist purely within the crystal veins of mithril, a unique substance that allowed the beings of thought to feed on the ambient magical energy from the surrounding area.

This interaction allowed the Kangia to live on despite their lack of a physical body. Though as the other sentient races re-colonized Valanas, they discovered the mithril veins in which the Kangia resided in. Due to mystically rare nature of Mithril, many of the races of Valanas saw the mithril crystals as a precious metal.

Those mithril crystals that had Kangia within them created unique reactions with the other races that were in proximity with them. The first instance of this was when the first Ugandi harvester discovered that when he was in close proximity to the Kangian mithril he could manifest a powerful dragon that allowed him to fend off a group of thieves who attempted to take the Kangian mithril from him.

The Kangian enjoyed this, as they discovered that they could manipulate the world around them through the wishes of their hosts. At first the interaction between kangian mithril and its host remained a secret, hidden by the governments of each of the many bloodlines. Over time, the Kangians allowed the races of Valanas to fabricate artificial mithril, which only gave them more freedom.

Most if not all of the living races are mostly unaware of the Kangian, the Moleki being the only ones who seem somewhat aware of their hidden sentience, and even then very few have fully discovered their secrets. Some skilled enough have been able to get glimpses of their Kangian mind.


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