The Invokers

Synthetically pure mithril is now openly available to any with the proper influence or income and imprinting easy enough for any with strong enough will. The Governments of Valanas each closely monitor the trade of these crystals, with corporations having limited ability to fabricate the crystals and the ability to hire people to imprint on them.

Those so able to imprint on a shard, or any other creature capable of manifesting significant magical effects are called Invokers. This is due to the fact that those so able to imprint on the crystals are capble of invoking the underlying power within the shard, altering very fabric of reality around them.

Imprinting happens only once, and after that point the crystal doesn’t accept any other individuals or invocations. An individual has no limit to the number of times they can invoke their imprinted mithril cyrstal, but is stuck with whatever abilities the invocations manifests at the time of the first imprint. Also, a single individual may only imprint on a single mithril crystal.

There are three different types of Invokers, registered and researched by several organizations. More times than not, Invokers summon an element that they can then control in some fashion.

  • Summoners – These individuals are able to summon powerful guardians, typically in the form of a creature that reflects the Invoker’s preferences, to fight and protect their Invoker. This summon tends to be completely devoted to their Invoker.
  • Riders – When imprinted, a Rider manifests a suit of armor around them, typically increasing size, strength, protection, and any number of other gifts depending on the creatures bloodline.
  • Wielders – Wielders are capable of invoking a tool of some sort, most commonly a weapon, that channels various forms of energy.

Even rarer than the types of Invokers above, there exists three other kinds of magic manipulators, capable of invoking and altering the fabric of reality without the need of imprinting on mithril crystals. These other types are as follows:

  • Breathers – Instead of imprinting, Breathers are those who have coated their lungs with mithril, allowing them to “breath” magical energy. Those most capable of utilizing these techniques tend to be martial artists in some shape or form, and their ability to breath the very magic from the world around them to enhance their own bodies in some fashion.
  • Weavers – Weavers have an inherent awareness of Kangia and the Laws of Creation, allowing them to manifest any number of abilities, even without the need of mithril. Those most common among their number are Moleki, who tend to have an affinity for sentient spiritual beings.
  • Sayers – The rarest of all, Sayers have mastered the use of potent words of power who’s spoken word causes significant changes in the world around them. These words typically revolve around the basic building blocks of Valanas and are cosmic in nature.


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