Invoked Destiny

Valanas: Invoked Destiny

In Planning, 3rd Edition MnM
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Mystery
Sub-Genre: Mages, Mutants, Martial Arts, Mecha, Pet Combat
Power Level: PL 10 with 160pp (starting)
Scope: Full Series
Tech Level: Modern
Theme and Tone: Epic duty, heroism, action, exploration, and intrigue.
Story Elements: Magic, dark organizations, aliens, mecha, ninjas, pets, and dark spirits.
Synopsis: Since the establishment of the Laws of Creation, the humanoid races of Valanas discovered the ability to gain significant power by attuning to metallic crystals known as mithril. These glistening crystals enabled a living creature to mold the very fabric of reality, and in some cases caused strange magical mutations across the generations. What people have failed to realize was that the mithril had a sentience of it’s own, and what the collective sentience had in store for the races of Valanas could very well exalt or condemn all life as we know it!


  • Mithril – Silver crystalline metal with mysterious magical properties.
  • Invokers – The name given to those who have invoked the power of the Mithril Shards
  • The Kangia – The mysterious source of power behind mithril
  • The Oni – The dark result of when Invokers are devoured completely by dark emotions, and consequently, their equally corrupted Kangia.


  • PRIME – Lead designer in the research and training of the best Invokers and synthetic mithril creation.
  • The Shadow Syndicate – The most dangerous criminal organization in Valanas, consisting completely of Invokers.
  • I-SWAT – Invoker Special Weapons and Tactics is the primary source of rapid response team established by the Terran government but sponsored by the Valanas Collective.
  • Circles – Any rogue collective of Invokers who have not yet been absorbed by any of the other major organizations are normally called Circles, and have varying personalities.
  • Bringers of Nightfall – A collective of cultists who seek the end of Valanas, believing their cooperation will bring them power and ally themselves with the dark Nightspawn and see mithril as tools to meet their ends.
  • The Harbingers – Legendary individuals who have attained a level of understanding of the Laws of Creation, and consequently the Kangia, who hunt out Oni and Nightspawn alike.


General theme and outline of this campaign is essentially a modification of the Shards: Unsung Destiny adventure found in the Mutants and Masterminds Mecha and Manga supplement.

Invoked Destiny

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