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Valanas is a heroic epic fantasy setting designed with manga/anime themes. The world and the surrounding universe was forged by a group of powerful mages called the Creatoa using the abundant magic that exists throughout the Valanas Cosmos. These mages established the Laws of Creation in order to prevent total chaos from consuming their creations.

The world is constantly evolving and is focused around the trials of the many magically attuned heroes as they fight greedy and power hungry masterminds, and struggle with their own inner demons.

Each hero has the potential to manipulate the magic that permeates throughout the world, having gained their abilities through study and research, magical or divine endowment, genetic mutations or accidental exposure to potent magical forces, or even as an alien race from any of the remote regions of the world and surrounding cosmos. See Power Origins for more details on this.

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Running Campaigns

Currently running campaigns include:

Valanas: Invoked Destiny

In Planning, 3rd Edition MnM
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Mystery
Sub-Genre: Mages, Mutants, Martial Arts, Mecha, Pet Combat
Power Level: PL 10 with 160pp (starting)
Scope: Full Series
Tech Level: Modern
Theme and Tone: Epic duty, heroism, action, exploration, and intrigue.
Story Elements: Magic, dark organizations, aliens, mecha, ninjas, pets, and dark spirits.
Synopsis: Since the establishment of the Laws of Creation, the humanoid races of Valanas discovered the ability to gain significant power by attuning to metallic crystals known as mithril. These glistening crystals enabled a living creature to mold the very fabric of reality, and in some cases caused strange magical mutations across the generations. What people have failed to realize was that the mithril had a sentience of it’s own, and what the collective sentience had in store for the races of Valanas could very well exalt or condemn all life as we know it!

Please contact myself through private message if you are interested in joining in any of the above campaigns or mini adventures!

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