The Creatoa are known as being the soul creators of the world Valanas. Very few actually recall what they looked like or how they came to the cosmos, but what is known is that they had immense power. The very words they spoke shaped the world into what is today, and now that they are gone many strive to find their lost language and the secrets in speaking their powerful words.


The Creatoa have traveled across the universe in varying degrees acting as Progenitors, fabricating worlds that grew and evolved in a world heavily enriched in magic. The Creatoa saw the cosmos as their personal canvas, and they sought to make the cosmos into their own personal image. Eventually, this lead to the birth of Valanas, and the sentient creatures that called it home.

The Creatoa stood proudly by their creations, but one of their own kin bestowed upon their creations the secrets that where meant for only the Creatoa to hold. The resulting chaos soon spread over Valanas, and eventually bleed into other parts of the cosmos as the newly created Nightspawn ran unchecked across the cosmos.

At first the Creatoa were shocked at this, though instead of stopping the resulting invasion, they instead researched it, curious as to what impact it would have on their creation. Most notably, the Creatoa were amazed when they found that the magic of the cosmos and all things that fed off of it gained a sentience of its own, bestowing upon the Creatoan creations powers of their own.

Though this rebellion of magic only worked so well on the growing darkness, and soon the Nightspawn began to hunt down the Creatoa themselves. Where the Creatoa where powerful cosmic beings, the Nightspawn had a fraction of their power and immense numbers as their corruption spread more and more across the cosmos.

The Creatoa then gathered and used their combine force in order to banish the Nightspawn and their creator to another realm where their influence was greatly limited, if not completely destroyed. Once this was accomplished, the Creatoa established the Laws of Creation that then almost completely nullified all magic across the universe, hoping that it would prevent what they believed to be the end of all existence.

Once established, the Creatoa left the cosmos, leaving all their creations to adapt and do their best to evolve without the help of magic. But as it would so happen, the sentient collective of magic in Valanas had other plans…


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