Cardinal Law


Two Decades ago, a handful of mysterious individuals discovered potent supernatural abilities that would unbalance the world of Valanas for all eternity. The Laws of Creation, once thought unbreakable and established to prevent the destruction of Valanas, were now sujbect to the whims of mortals.

It is not yet known how these select few were capable of bending these laws, but their actions have echoed all across Valanas. The mystery behind their abilities have left many in fear and contempt, turning once champions and legends into hermits and myths.

You are among these select few, and you have done what you can to live amongst your people. By hiding in plain sight or living on the fringes of society, you carefully watch for the day to prove yourself worthy of Legend, of your people.

It was then, not a week prior when a quintette of Ugandi, calling themselves The Cardinal Mages, made an appearance in the Ugandi capital. You watched as the Cardinals made their speech, claiming they were to bring power to any who wished it, and a chance to defend their homes from a growing darkness in the North.

Many of the surrounding people watched in fear; each claiming that their powers could not be trusted. The Military forces of your people stepped up to escort them out when they attacked, slaughtering many in mere seconds. Screams filled the air as many tried to escape, chaos filling the streets around you.

Your chance has come, and it is up to you to decide the fate of your people!

  • Gaming System: Mutants and Masterminds 3e
  • PL 8 – Cinematic Street Level Heroes
  • 130 starting power points
  • Pre-Nightfall
  • Starting Location: Ugandia, Homeland of the Ugandi people
  • Allowed Races: Ugandi and Magical Constructs are preferred. Other options available upon GM approval.
  • Allowed Origins: See the above racial pages for more details on typical origins.
  • 50% Role Play, 50% Combat

Pre-generated character sheets will be provided for easy pick up and play and to help provide inspiration for custom character ideas.

Cardinal Law

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