Zibeirti Fangrin

Fire Master of the Gifted Cardinals


One of the most influential figures of the City of Fire. Having rallied one of the largest militias in the history of the Ugandi Nation though when tension was high and was asked to step down, he instead took those who were faithful to him and established his own city just on the outskirts of the capital City of Fire. Since that time, he has established the Church of the Cardinals, that over the years of his establishment provided solitude for those who had been “oppressed” by the Infused and their laws, promising not only solitude but also a chance to taste personal power.

Over the past 3 years he has made it a personal effort to spread his religion to all the Ugandi, and trying to increase the population of his sanctuaries found within 3 Elemental Capitals, all but the City of Water, though for some mysterious reason he has avoided all attempts at placing a sanctuary in that city and when asked, he mentions “The city is already blessed with our gifts, those who hear these words know this.”

Zibeirti Fangrin

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