Derek Wyldestar

Derek Wyldestar - The Adaptable Martial Artist


Male, Age: 27
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 187 lb.
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Black
Languages: Native Language

I have images of being attacked my family members crying for help flashes of faces and tattoos. Then there is a brilliant flash and I wake up alone and injured trying to recall everything. I travel looking for clues to what happen to my family and seeking justice for all who are threaten. I will no longer allow the weak to be preyed upon. Justice is swift and final.


  • Constantly have flashbacks and nightmares about my family and their attackers.
  • Mild Amnesia, Can’t recall the entirety of what happened with family and who killed them all.
  • Never sleep peacefully and I must find those who caused my family harm and make them pay.
+2 STR
+5 DEX
+1 CON
+1 INT
+1 WIS
+0 CHA

+6 Fort 5
+8 Ref 3
+6 Will 5
+3 Tough

Defense: +7
Knockback: -1
Initiative: +21
+7 BAB
+8 Melee
+10 Grapple
+7 Ranged
Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 17, Crit 19-20)

+6 Climb 4
+1 Diplomacy 1
+5 Gather Information 5
+1 Handle Animal 1
+4 Notice 3
+3 Search/Investigate 2

Attack Focus (Melee) +1
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll 2
Improved Block
Improved Critical (Unarmed Strike)
Improved Initiative 4 (+16)
Improved Sunder
Improved Trip
Instant Up
Power Attack
Ultimate Effort (Ultimate Save - Toughness)

"Retribution" Nemesis 6 - 48pp

20pp Abilities
13pp Saves
28pp Combat
4pp Skills (16 ranks)
17pp Feats
48pp Powers
0pp Drawbacks
130pp Total
I was very happy my wife Lisa and child Jeremy, we were traveling with her parents looking for work. We had plenty of money to make the trip comfortably so we took our time enjoying the scenery. We had just woke up from spending the night in the woods camping. My father in law was driving when we encountered this lone female lying on the road in distress stopping to help her we were ambushed by this gang of hoodlums. They tormented us for hours I was beat senseless and left for dead. In and out of conciousness I remember my wife screaming for help, my child crying uncontrollably and my in laws begging to be left alone. I heard vehicles driving away, then there was a brilliant flash, nightmares haunted me clawing at my subconcious mind faces of my attacks, their smell, their sounds and they crys of my loved ones. I awoke not knowing my name, but knowing these faces in my dreams and knowing I had to find them to help some of them, and to kill some of them. My life now is slowly placing the pieces together to avenge those faces in my nightmares, in hopes that my life would find balance within my tormented soul.

Derek Wyldestar

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