Whirlora Cool

Water Master of the Gifted Cardinals


After the failure to rescue one of the children in the Docks District, Driago along with Naya were able to identify the young woman as one of the original missing children of the City of Water. She was a child of an abusive family when, some 8 years ago, she mysteriously disappeared. Also mysteriously speaking, about a year after this tragic event, her parents were found hanging outside of their sea side residence overlooking the docks facing Crystala, the image of a serpent carved into each of their bodies, the father’s reproductive organs removed and the mothers intestines hanging from her corpse.

Upon further investigation, it shows that the children who have gone missing have been from parents who have been either over protective to an obsessive extent or the cases were dropped as the parents lost interest or feared something more sinister. During this period, it hasn’t been rare for these same parents to have gone missing or brutally murdered. Noticeably different though, is that Whilora now has a unique blue dark coloration of her skin which she isn’t afraid to show.

Whirlora Cool

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