Master Scribesman, Water and Wind


Character Name: Thoasar of the Ever-Changing Sea

PL: 8, Total Points: 131pp (100 starting, +21 base bonuses, +10 game points)

Attributes: STR + 0 CON + 0 DEX + 2 INT + 7 WIS + 5 CHA + 0

Attack and Defenses: + 3 Melee and Range Attack, + 8 Dodge, + 4 Flat Footed, + 4 Fortitude, + 6 Reflex, + 8 Will, + 0 ( + 2 in Alt both Alt Forms) Toughness

Skills: + 15 Concentration, + 7 Diplomacy, + 16 Knowledge (Arcane Lore), + 11 Knowledge (Behavioral Science), + 20 Knowledge (Civics), + 13 Knowledge (History), + 20 Knowledge (Theo/Philo), + 11 Notice, + 5 Perform (Public Speaking), + 10 Perform (Wind Instruments), + 18 Profession (Writer), + 9 Sense Motive

Feats: Eidetic Memory, Environmental Adaptation (Underwater), Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Knowledge(Civics, Theo/Philo, History, Arcane Lore)), Wealth 2 (+8, total +22 starting), Master Plan


  • Create Object Rank 1 (Continuous, Limited: only paper and inks, Power Loss: Can’t use if not wearing a cloak)
  • Dimensional Pocket Rank 4 (Limited: only scrolls/books, Power Loss: Can’t use if not wearing a cloak)
  • Extrasensory Perception Rank 9 (Visual and Auditory, Full Action, Requires Ritually Prepared Water, Unnoticeable)
  • Alt Form Rank 11 (Full Action, Alternate Power: Alt Form (Air))
  • Immunity Rank 2 (Aging, Sleep)
  • Quickness Rank 6 (Mental Only, 100x normal speed)
  • Super Senses Rank 1 (Low Light Vision)

Attributes: 26pp, Attacks and Defense: 33pp, Skills and Feats: 34pp, Powers: 38pp, Grand Total: 131pp, Unspent Points: 0pp

Alternate Forms

@Liquid Form:

  • Concealment Rank 2 (Sight; Continuous, Limited: Underwater, Blending),
  • Detect Rank 2 (Move Action, Water, Ranged)
  • Elongation Rank 2 (Reach of 15ft)
  • Force Field Rank 4 (Limited: only near water, Continuous)
  • Immunity 17 ranks (Life Support, Cold Damage, Critical Hits, Hunger and Thirst) (To be added: Partial Immunity -1pt/rank, 10 ranks (impact damage))
  • Insubstantial Rank 1 (Continuous)
  • Swimming Rank 1 (2.5mph or 12ft/move)
  • Regeneration 18 ranks (Source: Water; Regrowth, Persistent, Bruised 1/round with no rest, Injured/Staggered 1/standard action, Disabled 1/minute with rest)
  • Super Movement Rank 1 (Slithering)
  • Water Control Rank 4 (3 Alternate Powers: Blast Rank 8 (Limited: only near water), Create Object (Limited: only near water, Progression 4: 100ft Cubes), Suffocate Rank 4 (Limited: only near water, Ranged))
  • Drawback (Vulnerability (Common Frequency – fire, Minor Intensity – +1DC))

Total: 55pp

@Air Form:

  • Flight Rank 2 (Continuous, 25mph or 125ft/move)
  • Force Field Rank 4 (Energy Only, Continuous)
  • Immunity Rank 9 (Life Support)
  • Invisibility Rank 1 (Continuous)
  • Insubstantial Rank 2 (Continuous)
  • Air Control Rank 8 (Precise, Alternate Power: Suffocate Rank 4 (Perception, Subtle))

Total: 55pp


Motivation: knowledge and, to a lesser extent, justice. The system will never be perfect, but it is our duty to our fellow humans to make it the best it can be.

Instincts: First: deal with any immediate problems using gut instincts. Second: consider the big picture. Third: look for hidden information. Fourth: deal with non-immediate problems. With his ability to think x100 times faster than a normal Ugandi, assessing the situation is easy. Having any level of preparation though, and he will have the master plan!

Most Prominent Achievement: Codifying the laws that are now used by all the major cities

Other details: He’s curious, but careful. He’ll do whatever he can to get his hands on information, as long as he feels it won’t endanger anything he thinks is important. Whether it endangers himself may or may not be relevant :P


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