Obsianti Sharp

Earth Master of the Gifted Cardinals


A master sculptor, his sculptures seem almost lifelike, and he holds some of the most historical art pieces in all of Ugandia. He is a master Martial Artist, focusing on defensive arts and the perfection of his own body to resist attacks. He has a very brash attitude, and is one of Zibeirti Fangrin’s key supporters.

Along with his unique relationship with Violenti Briza, he is the 3rd most wealthiest religious figure in all of Ugandia. Obsianti, like Zibeirti, has access to his own personal arsenal and a private army and his own personal city hidden close to the great fall to the north east of the City of Earth.

Having been one of Zibeirti’s original key players in the construction of the great army movement, he has been mostly reserved and can be seen either with Violenti or Zibeirti during their various speeches to the public to find more followers.

Obsianti Sharp

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