Lambaste "Thirst" Sightan

Lambaste "Thirst" Sightan - The Crazed Blood Drinker


Known Abilities:
Long and very strong Tongue, used mostly to choke victims
Blood Drain, which when successful, boosts physical traits.
Superhuman Strength
Increased Speed and Leaping capabilities


Character Details

Lambaste is a Nitol who has a very mysterious past. He took up an apprenticeship with an older Terran to become a social worker for the unique relationships that come as a biproduct of Terran cross breeding with the Ugandi and social relationships between the other races as they integrate as a greater whole.

Whats strange is that he has no real history with that of the Nitol nor the Terrans until he appeared in his apprenticeship. Once he mastered his teachings, he turned to his master, and killed him. When officials showed up at the scene, he had somehow drank all the blood that had been in the mans body, and the man was obviously insane.

He was taken to prison at this point, and after having been in the cells for close to a month, the great event happened, and he was gifted with superhuman characteristics, enhanced strength and fortitude, increased speed, and a very sinister ability to elongate his tongue, enabling him to grab and choke his victims. It is rumored that nobody in that prison survived his attacks, as each time he fed he got stronger.

Now he hunts the streets of Newport during the night in the hopes of finding a helpless victim and scaring them in the hopes of “sweetening the blood.” More recently though, he has been targeting the stronger individuals, as he finds the taste of their blood a lot more satisfying.

Lambaste is probably the closest thing to a sentient Aberration though, where as its his mind that has been completely warped, more so than his body. His obsession with blood is the primary driving force for any of his actions, and he’ll do whatever he can to get every mix of blood tainted with the hormones and chemicals that are added to blood when a living creature is in fear.

Lambaste "Thirst" Sightan

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