Jamie Stoller

Jamie Stoller the Time Controller


Motivation: Responsibility. He feels guilty for killing his parents because of his flawed calculation.
Goal: His goal is to eventually learn how to travel throughout time and space and return to the moment before his parents were killed to save them from death.
Complication: Obsession. He is constantly researching ways to save his parents.
Allegiance: He is loyal to his group as they are the only family that he has. He may seem rough at times to them because he feels that some of them are beneath him mentally. However, he will attempt to protect them.

+0 STR
+1 CON
+1 DEX
+4 INT
+2 WIS
+0 CHA

+4 Fort 3
+6 Ref 5
+8 Will 6
+5/+1* Tough
* Without Defensive roll

+11 Defense
+26 Initiative
+10 BAB
+10 Melee
+10 Ranged

+9 Computer 5
+9 Investigate 5
+14 Knowledge: Physical Sciences 10
+7 Notice 5
+10 Profession: Scientist 8
+7 Search 3

Defensive Roll 4
Evasion 1
Instant Up
Move by Action

Time Control 6 - 24pp
- Speed Rank 6 (1000mph)
- Quickness 6 (x100)
- AP Teleport 6 (300ft) - 1pp
- Affects Others 6, Ranged 6
- Strike Rank 6, Autofire - 12pp
- AP Strike Rank 6, Burst Area - 1pp
- Improved Initiative 4 - 4pp

16pp Abilities
14pp Saves
42pp Combat
9pp Skills
7pp Feats
42pp Powers

Jamie Stoller was an upcoming physicist. At an early age, he worshiped some of the brightest minds and the older he got the more he delved into his studies. He was mere weeks away from attending a prominent university when the Great Change occured.

He was deep into an experiment to prove several theories that he had been working on since a Freshman in high school. He had discovered a flaw in his equation and was in the process of recalculating the equipment when the Great Change happened. At the time, he had been working in the basement of his family’s home and the machine began to give off a humming sound and an energy bubble burst capturing his house, himself and his parents in a tremendous explosion.

When he woke, the house was destroyed, his parents killed, but he walked away with nothing but some cuts and scratches.

He soon learned that he could manipulate time around him and appeared to have Superspeed as he could slow down time around him and it increased his speed to everyone else. As he got older, he got into a barfight and noticed that he again could slow down time and when swinging, it appeared that he had more strength when his fist connected as it carried additional weight with the time difference. Eventually, he matured and began to use his powers to help people and try and correct the death of his parents.

Jamie Stoller

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