Corentin Lothar

Master Craftsmen,

Attributes 1/level max 36
+0  STR
+0  CON
+0  DEX
+5  INT 10
+5  WIS 10
+5  CHA 10
Total   30pp

Melee Attack    +7 / Ranged Attack    +7
Defense         +8 / Flat-Footed +1
Toughness       +0
Fort            +4
Ref             +4
Will            +8
Total                   31pp

Skills:                  Ranks   Mods    Other   Total
Bluff                   12      5               +17
Concentration           10      5               +15
Craft (Art)             12      5               +17
Diplomacy               12      5               +17
Disguise                 4      5        15     +24
Gather Information      12      5               +17
Know (Arcane Lore)      12      5               +17
Notice                  12      5               +17
Profession (Sciences)   10      5               +15
Profession (Economy)    10      5               +15
Profession (Education)  10      5               +15
Sense Motive            12      5               +17
Slight of Hand          12      0               +12
Stealth                 12      0               +12
Total                38pp

Benefit (Millionare) Rank 4
Benefit (Military Weapons License)
Dodge Focus Rank 5
Improvised Tools
Hide in Plain Sight
Sneak Attack Rank 1 (+2)
Uncanny Dodge
Low-Light vision
Immunity to Sleep
Total                   21pp

Morph (Humanoids) Rank 3 (3x2) 6
Comprehend Rank 2 (2x2) 4
- Can understand all languages, but only speak one at a time
Total                   10pp

Grand Total: 130pp +1 unspent

Motivation: To become the wealthiest Ugandi in all of Ugandia, all while using his wealth to better the defenses of his homeland.

Instincts: Combat is mostly lethal, retreat and find a means of taking on the conflict indirectly. When forced to face the conflict, proper use of deception with the right application of force does the trick.

Most Prominent Achievement: Establishing the Financial infrastructure that is now standard across all of Ugandia.

Other Details:

  • Corentin has been a long time Wealthy Man, having been the core designer in fabricating one of the strongest staples of monetary exchange in all of Ugandia. This success along with many other unique inventions, has helped him to gain a fundamental understanding of the core elements and their uses with arcane rituals.
  • Along his journeys, Corentin has gained the hand of a Breeder Woman who before his infusion was granted the chance to forge a child. Some 13 years later, Corentin is now a proud father and spends most of his down time with his family, discussing all the matters that help to make a Ugandi who they are.
  • Before being infused, Corentin had a close friend and Rival (Needs Name) who was somehow corrupted by an unstable element that was being experimented by the two of them. In a horrific accident, the Rival gained new abilities that was on par with that of an Infused, with the ability to transform others into unstable elements. He was later captured by Corentin and placed in the Crypts for him never to return. Or so he thought…

Corentin Lothar

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