Of the Quicksilver, Daughter of Varanias and Therea


Character Name: A’na’ya of the Quicksilver, Daughter of Varanias and Therea

PL: 8, Total Points: 131pp (100 starting, +21 base bonuses, +10 game points)

Ability Scores: STR +4, CON +6, DEX +4, INT +2, WIS +2, CHA +4

Combat and Saves: + 8 Attack, + 6 Dodge, + 3 Flat Foot, + 8 Fortitude, + 7 Reflex, + 4 Will, + 8 Toughness, + 3 Initiative, – 4 Stability

Skills: + 4 (+ 8 w/Attractive) Bluff, + 12 Craft (Art), + 4 (+ 8 w/Attractive) Diplomacy, + 12 Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

Feats: Artificer, Attractive Rank 1, Beginner’s Luck, Jack of All Trades, Wealth Rank 1, Ultimate Effort (Craft: Art), Minion Rank 3 (Content Not Found: emma-the-treekat, 45pp pool)


  • Immunity Rank 14 (Aging, Critical Hits, Life Support, Starvation and Thirst, Sleep, Innate)
  • Insubstantial Rank 1 (Permanent)
  • Super Movement Rank 2 (Slithering Rank 2)
  • Elongation Rank 2 (Stretch out to 15ft)
  • Strike Rank 4 (Penetrating, Mighty)
  • Speed Rank 2 (25mph or 125ft/move)
  • Protection Rank 2
  • Super Senses Rank 1 (Low-Light Vision)
  • Drawback (Electrical Vulnerability, Common Frequency with Minor Intensity (+1 DC Modifer) Worth -2pp)

Ability Score Total: 44pp, Combat and Saves: 36pp, Skills and Feats: 9pp, Powers: 38pp, Grand Total: 127pp, Unspent: 4pp

NPC Name: Emma, Treekat Construct, Inventor: Anaya

PL 8, 45pp

Attributes STR – 3, CON -, DEX + 2, INT – 2, WIS + 1, CHA – 2

+ 2 Attack (Includes Size), + 2 Defense (Includes Size), Immune to Fortitude Effects, + 4 Reflex, + 1 Will, 5 Toughness, + 3 Stability, + 2 Initiative

Skills: + 10 Acrobatics, + 12 Climb, + 5 Notice, + 19 Stealth (Includes Size)

Feats: Evasion Rank 2


  • Additional Limbs Rank 1 (Innate)
  • Shrinking Rank 8 (Permanent, Innate)
  • Immunity 30 ranks (All Fortitude Effects)
  • Drawback (Mute: Very Common Frequency, Moderate Intensity worth 4pp)

Skills and Feats: 11pp, Powers Total: 41pp


Motivation: Hope, she dreams of a day where all of Ugandi acts as one, thinking of the better interest of the country instead of petty jealousies

Instincts: First:Understand what is happening Second:In order to limit the amount of fighting and damage, cut the head off the snake first Third:Don’t give up ever Fourth:Be willing to sacrifice to save others

Most Prominent Achievement: Creating the intelligent, learning and growing Golem ever. Her “daughter” as she feels she is.

Other details: She’s strong and determined, fairly embarassed with the way some people treat her good or bad. She is faithfully in love with Raya, can’t see anyone else in her life. And is so amazed at everything she’s done in her life so far.

Defining Traits:

  • A couple of years into her career, she was struck by a deadly blow by her rampaging lover, in the hopes of protecting one of the people she was trying to capture. As a result she now has a distortion on her near-perfectly smooth skin, in the shape of a star, on her lower left stomach and just to the left of her lower left back where the weapon that pierced her pierced through her body.


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